Dyslexia In Children And Its Effects

If you are trying to understand Dyslexia in children by Manus Academy, here’s what you should know. What is Dyslexia? The source of the word dyslexia is two greek words. ‘Dys’, meaning ‘hard or difficult or bad’, and ‘lexia’, meaning Read more

Dyscalculia In Children

Children need basic skills as they grow up. In school, some of the basic skills they learn include arithmetic, which involves simple activities like adding one apple to another. Unfortunately, not all children can understand arithmetic so easily, and this Read more

Busting Four Common Misconceptions About ADHD

According to research, about 9.4% of children in America have ADHD (Attention DeficitHyperactivity Disorder). This means that in every 100 children, nine have the disorder. When it comes to ADHD in children, there are some common misconceptions that you should Read more